Sunday, January 29Hampton Roads Weekly

Hampton Roads Weekly helps honor Wave Leadership College with Senior Student Essays

By Alexandra Clark

Wave Leadership College has something that no other college has as their foundation. That is love and hope. Without one you cannot have the other. Ironically, these were the two biggest lessons this college has taught me. The Marine Corps taught me to be independent but what they did not teach me was how to depend on the one who made me. That eventually led me down a path of a life without love and no hope in the future. See, we aren’t meant to do this alone and not just with God either. We are meant to do life as one united race, the human race, with God guiding us through our relationship with Him. 

None of these things are directly taught to us in the classroom. It is taught through each other, our professors, and the Holy Spirit. By answering the call to attending Wave Leadership College you are not just signing up to take classes and only receive instruction during class times. You are signing up for a class on life and how to live it, taught directly by God. It is saying yes to transforming your life into the person that you were always meant to be.

WLC is not just a college, it is home. It is a place where love and hope can be found. It may not be evident everyday in every way, we are still human too. What is never lost is the passion for God and people. It is an open space for questions, learning, and discussions on real life struggles and triumphs. We pray together and for each other. We lift each other up in times where we need encouragement to keep going. It is how family is meant to be. 

Expectations are never met here. If you open your heart and are willing to do whatever God has called you to do, He will ensure you will never leave the same. It is just like anything else in life. You get what you put into it. Except when it comes to putting in your all into our creator. It shifts your life, thoughts, and actions down a path that was never imaginable before. 

I went back and forth if I should even mention the Holy Spirit because it may turn people off from this article. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are called to be bold in our faith. So I hope my boldness can only bring freedom to a generation without hope. God can be the solution to your life, if you allow him. He is hopelessly in love with you and is patiently waiting to have a personal relationship. If you truly seek him, I promise, you’ll be amazed at what he reveals to you.

Just like our motto, “From here, go higher,” that is what I plan to do. I will attend SEU to continue my education in business. I plan to own a security company to protect missionary groups and go into politics. 

Wave Leadership College, located in Virginia Beach, VA, is an independent, accredited Christian college offering an affordable Associate of Ministry degree in small, mentorship based classes.  We believe that every Christian is called to lead and influence, and our mission is to foster that leadership ability in each student. Professing a faith isn’t enough to prepare you for the trials of life.  As an academic institution of higher learning, we use the classroom and real-life scenarios to equip students in their faith, ability to network, decision making, confidence, and calling.  We are so proud of our hundreds of graduates who are pastoring churches, leading within organizations, building businesses, continuing their education, and serving their families and communities well.  Our class of 2020 graduating students were asked to submit an essay about what they learned during their time at Wave Leadership College.  Thank you for taking a minute to read some of the selected essays, as we celebrate them this month!