Sunday, January 29Hampton Roads Weekly

Hampton Roads Weekly helps honor Wave Leadership College with Senior Student Essays

by Christopher Fagan

Wave Leadership College has been an amazing experience! It’s crazy to think that my two years here are already coming to an end. I have made my closest friends and have built relationships with my professors that I know will last for years. At Wave Leadership College, not only did I receive general education like literature and science, I have learned more about the Bible and have been further equipped for what ever life may bring me in the future.

            Throughout my two years at WLC, I have learned some great life skills and lessons. But two lessons that have stuck with me is for sure accountability and responsibility. Accountability has been a very important aspect within Bible College. Not only for assignments but for everyday life as well. Whether it is within the church, leadership, job opportunities, and decisions that can affect my life in the future.

            I have also learned great responsibility. This comes into play not only with my assignments, but within my life as well. I have had the opportunity to serve in many different areas within Wave Church and WLC. I have learned the importance of serving God’s Kingdom. In my first semester, I served on the production team within the stage monitoring team for our Chapel service that we have every Tuesday in the college. When I served here, I did not know the importance of serving like I do now. I felt as if it was a requirement. I did not like the thought of having to arrive an hour early before chapel. But, my team leader at the time told me this and it has stuck with me sense, “Serving is not just showing up early and working like it is an unpaid job, serving is a privilege, not a requirement. Be here because you want to be here, not because you have to.” That is where the accountability comes into play. Ever sense, I love serving and have so much fun serving at our yearly conferences (Wave Conference and Devoted Conference) as well as serve on our Create Team and within our Royal Youth.

            As my two years come to an end, I plan to use my WLC degree within Worship and/or Pastoral Ministry. I have a heart for the church and a passion for worship leading. When it comes to Pastoral Ministry, I am not 100% on what area that means yet. Whether it’s youth ministry, or pastoring a church and a campus pastor or even a senior pastor. I continue to pray to hear the answer from God as I continue to serve in the church. It has truly been an honor to be part of such an incredible school and I thank God every day for putting me in a place to grow in my walk with Jesus and build the relationships I will have for the rest of my life. This is only the beginning of what God has planned for all of our lives and I can’t wait to see where He takes us.