Monday, September 25Hampton Roads Weekly

We Have Arrived

We are Hampton Roads Weekly and I am Bruce Meyer, the

publisher of the game-changing publication named Hampton

Roads Weekly (HRW). Over the years we have seen our news

media spiral into either a daily crime sheet or a stream of negative

political stories. At one time the media was about reporting the

news and educating the public about what is happening in their

respective communities.

We at Hampton Roads Weekly get it! We decided to put together

a team of professionals to create a new and refreshing publication

that will provide an entertaining and unbiased outlook for the

greater Hampton Roads Market in the areas of politics, news,

business, culture, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment.

Hampton Roads Weekly is a free publication distributed

throughout Hampton Roads via print and digital media. HRW

will be the must-read weekly publication for anything and

everything Hampton Roads related. Hampton Roads Weekly

will also provide educated insights into the happenings in our

great cities on important local, state and national topics.

We are beginning our publication as a monthly through January

of 2019. At that time we will transition into a bi-weekly publication.

Our internet site: will then

introduce a live news feed to give you access to breaking news.

We will soon publish weekly and have the ability to push out

breaking news to your smartphones via our free subscription

service  stay tuned for more information.

My team and I are looking forward to beginning this grand new

adventure with all of you. I am pretty confident that you will

not be disappointed.

Breaking News! Former Virginian Pilot Columnist, Kerry

Dougherty has joined Hampton Roads Weekly!

Many of you remember Kerry Dougherty from the Virginian

Pilot. For many years Kerry provided us her thought-provoking

and commonsense commentary about issues that impact our

daily lives. Kerry recently retired and Hampton Roads Weekly

is honored to have her as part of our team.