Monday, September 25Hampton Roads Weekly

Blink Fitness- Perfect Way to Welcome Spring After COVID!

Blink Fitness is new to Hampton Roads and certainly entering with a punch! This exciting gym has so much to offer.  Blink Fitness has centered its ideology on not only how a gym can make you look, but also how you feel.  

The second a client walks into a Blink location they are immediately greeted with friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Blink is certainly a motivating place, since they take pride in challenging the fitness industry norms and celebrating every unique body.  Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and working out in this community will help anyone feel confident and strong in the body they are in! 

Each location you enter is both bright and welcoming.  One of the first things we notice when walking into their Virginia Beach location is how impeccably clean the space is.  Every Blink gym offers a sparkling clean and spacious design with many mood-lifting colors.  This atmosphere is scientifically proven to boost your workout and elevate moods throughout the duration of your workout.  

There are an abundance of perks offered to members who join their fitness community.  With a large cardio and strength area, members have the ability to workout on whatever machine they see fit.  They can even catch their favorite movie, television show or stream right from their Netflix or Hulu accounts on their own devices on any cardio machine.  This makes the dreaded cardio sessions go by so fast you won’t even know you’re working out!

Also included is a free weights section with an abundance of weights from which to choose.  Blink also has machines available for working any body part you could think of! If those machines intimidate you, don’t worry.

Another fabulous feature of becoming a member at Blink is their innovative App!  Once a member downloads the app, the information and plans are customized just for them to meet their goals.  Answering a few simple questions will help with meeting your specific goals and creating plans and workouts that are designed specifically for you.  Blink’s 

team curates a mix of audio and video coaching, healthy recipes and guided meditations from trusted content sources.  

Just when we believe that we have seen all of the wonderful features that Blink Fitness has to offier its clients, we learn about one more, their InBody Body Composition Analysis.  In just forty-five seconds this dynamic machine is able to analyze muscle, fat and body water composition of your body to help you understand weight, set goals, measure your strength, lower your risk and track your progress should you continue to use the analysis system.  Blink offers a one-time scan to each new member who signs up to point them in the right direction and help them get started on their fitness journey, something that is not found almost anywhere in
Hampton Roads.

Blink Fitness’s “Every Body Happy” campaign is all about inclusivity. Which is a refreshing reminder that workout out is for everyone, no matter what level you are. After all, it is important that no one should feel intimidated when walking into the gym. The New Year is all about fresh beginnings, so we know choosing Blink Fitness could get you well on your way to a healthy Spring!