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An Independent Film in Hampton Roads

An Independent Film, Harvey, is coming to Hampton Roads! Producer/Director team Eric Feldman and Peter J. Eaton, both Hampton Roads residents, began their collaboration in the late 90’s, writing several scripts together, one of which became the gritty, mob-thriller feature film “Gravity” – winner of Best Director award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. 

Not long after that award, Eaton was hired to direct a romantic comedy feature film shot almost entirely on the Eastern Shore and in Hampton Roads titled “Sweet Good Fortune”.  Feldman also acted in the film.  

This was followed by the supernatural thriller, “Necessary Evil”, filmed in Los Angeles and starring actors Lance Henriksen and Danny Trejo which was picked up domestically by Lionsgate and distributed internationally by Vision Films, a partner of Sony Pictures. 

“From my perspective, we’re just getting started and everything up till now is preparation for the future” says Eaton, when contemplating their collaboration over the years. 

Eaton also recently directed the faith-based, Sci-fi feature film, “Past Shadows”, starring Corbin Bernsen (LA Law, Major League, Psyche) and local actor Robert Shepherd (Lincoln, The Colors of Emily) and many other actors in the region. It’s currently in post-production.

After tackling the thriller genre, the duo has shifted gears and is currently developing a raucous and zany faith-based, family comedy. The idea is to take the faith-based genre, ramp it up to a new level, and capitalize on the many and varied resources of the Hampton Roads, Virginia region in the making of the film.

Disaster ensues when an overgrown teenager, Harvey, trapped in a 40-year-old man’s body cannot seem to cut the apron strings and move out of his parent’s basement. And Mom doesn’t help matters any while she continues babying him and catering to his every whim.

But Dad has had enough. Something has to give. What will motivate Harvey to move on with his life so his parents can move on with theirs?

The Creative Team: 

Twenty-one-year-old Morgan Scott Harvill has hit the ground running in regards to her career in entertainment. Through a broad social media following she has garnered clients such as Fiat, KO Watches and Fabletics Exercise Gear. Her acting talents have landed her on shows such as Tosh .O, MGM/Brat Network’s streaming series Crazy Fast, the Virtual Reality Video Movie ‘The Last of Us’ Part 2 and films such as ‘Long Distant Trip’, ‘The Last Stand’ and the kick boxing pilot ‘Layers’.

Though a concert violin background started her early on a music career, today it is her singing which has her working with Mikal Blue’s Revolver producers, on releasing her first original album this next year.

Christopher Harvill has been a writer and illustrator for over 30 years. He created the Avery Black detective graphic novel series when he was still in high school. His career has seen him do freelance work at Marvel and Disney and he has sold his original artwork in galleries in Southern California, Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.  He has optioned his screenplays Adventures of a Lunchtime and The Thingie to Atchity Entertainment and wrote, with Eric Feldman, the supernatural thriller ‘Necessary Evil’, starring Lance Hendrickson and Danny Trejo, produced by Art of War Films.

In addition to producing, acting and writing, Eric Feldman is a sales rep for Ion Solar of Virginia Beach and is proud to be part of their organization.  Peter Eaton, a Boston Massachusetts native, directs and writes feature films and is also an adjunct faculty member of Regent University, teaching in the School of Communication and the Arts. 

Rounding out the creative team is Annette Stone, owner of the Green Onion Restaurant in Ghent, Norfolk, as well as other local businesses. She served as both Co-Executive Producer and actor in one of their previous films which was released through Lionsgate. 

Actress & Musician Morgan Scott Harvill (left)

Eric’s Dad, Joel Feldman, owner of Kitchen Barn in Hilltop, Virginia Beach, was always famous for saying “A rolling stone doesn’t collect moss”. With that in mind, Feldman and Eaton are determined to grow where they’re planted. The Hampton roads area offers such a rich history, wealth of talent, abundant locations as well as great crew choices and other resources. Eaton and Feldman plan to meet with local officials to discuss potential incentive packages which would be designed to create more infrastructure amenable to film production. 

The future looks bright for both Eaton and Feldman as they develop additional content ranging from feature films and TV series hopefully for Netflix, Amazon and other streaming platforms. Included in the slate is a music biopic that chronicles the musical and spiritual journey of Chuck Girard, lead singer of the band Love Song, as well as a detective series and other feature films. Their goal is to help put Hampton Roads on the map as a go-to destination not only for film production, but also post-production, and distribution. 

Our local Producer/Director team: Peter J. Eaton (left) and Eric Feldman (right)